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Process Control Instruments, Field Devices and Industrial Automation
PRODUCTS & SERVICES is a provider of process control instruments and field devices for Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery, Pipelines, Custody Transfer, Tank Gauging, Waste Processing, Water Treatment Plants, Burner Management Systems and Incinerators, Conveyor Control, Food & Beverage, Motor, Pump & Compressor Control, Wireless Telemetry, Data Logging, Real-Time Process Data to Web.

We are an online distribution channel of genuine manufactured instruments such as

  • Flow Transmitters, Indicators, Sensors and Switches.
  • Pressure Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Level Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Temperature Elements, Switches and Transmitters.
  • Mass Flow Meters.
  • Density Meters.
  • pH/ORP Analyzers.
  • Disolved Oxygen Analyzers.
  • Turbidity Meters.
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EH Proline Promag H 100 Electromagnetic Flowmeter for the smallest flow rates with ultra compact transmitter. 0.06 dm3/min to 600 m3/h measuring range. DN 2 Nominal Diameter. IP66/IP67. Aluminum (AlSi10Mg) housing. 24 VDC. Includes 4-20ma and switch outputs. Optional 4 line backlit display and Modbus RS485 communication. ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus, INMETRO and EAC approvals.

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(1) Approval for EH Promag P100/H100
(2) Output/Input for EH Promag P100/H100
Display & Operation
(3) Display & Operation for EH Promag P100/H100
(4) Housing for EH Promag H100
Electrical Connection
(5) Electrical Connection for EH Promag P100/H100
(6) Seal for EH Promag H100
Process Connection
(7) Process Connection for EH Promag H100
(8) Electrodes for EH Promag H100
Calibration Flow
(9) Calibration Flow for EH Promag P100

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  • The measuring principle is virtually independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity
  • Dedicated for chemical and process applications with corrosive liquids and high medium temperatures
Device properties
  • Nominal diameter: max. DN 600 (24")
  • All common Ex approvals
  • Liner made of PTFE or PFA
  • Robust, ultra-compact transmitter housing
  • Local display available
Your benefits
  • Versatile applications – wide variety of wetted materials
  • Energy-saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross-section constriction
  • Maintenance-free – no moving parts
  • Space‐saving transmitter – full functionality on smallest footprint
  • Time‐saving local operation without additional software and hardware – integrated web server
  • Integrated verification – Heartbeat TechnologyTM
Measuring principle

Following Faraday's law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field.

In the electromagnetic measuring principle, the flowing medium is the moving conductor. The voltage induced (U e ) is proportional to the flow velocity (v) and is supplied to the amplifier by means of two measuring electrodes. The flow volume (Q) is calculated via the pipe cross-section (A). The DC magnetic field is created through a switched direct current of alternating polarity.

Measuring Principle Electromagnetic
Product headline The specialist for hygienic applications with an ultra‐compact transmitter. Multivariable measurement for flow, temperature and conductivity. Dedicated to demanding applications in the food and beverage as well as in life sciences industries.
Sensor features Flexible installation concept – numerous hygienic process connections. Energy‐saving flow measurement – no pressure loss due to cross‐section constriction. Maintenance‐free – no moving parts. Integrated temperature measurement. Sensor housing made of stainless steel (3-A, EHEDG).
Transmitter features Space‐saving transmitter – full functionality on the smallest footprint. Time‐saving local operation without additional software and hardware – integrated web server. Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology. Robust, ultra‐compact transmitter housing. High ingress protection: IP69.
Nominal diameter range DN 2 to 150 (¹⁄₁₂ to 6")
Wetted materials Liner: PFA
Electrodes: 1.4435 (316L); Alloy C22, 2.4602 (UNS N06022); Tantalum; Platinum
Measured variables Volume flow, temperature, conductivity, mass flow, corrected volume flow, corrected conductivity
Max. measured error Volume flow (standard): ±0.5 % o.r. ± 1 mm/s (0.04 in/s)
Volume flow (option) ±0.2 % o.r. ± 2 mm/s (0.08 in/s)
Measuring range 0.06 dm³/min to 600 m³/h (0.015 to 2650 gal/min)
Max. process pressure PN 40, Class 150, 20K
Medium temperature range –20 to +150 °C (–4 to +302 °F)
Ambient temperature range –40 to +60 °C (–40 to +140 °F)
Sensor housing material 1.4301 (304), corrosion resistant
Transmitter housing material Compact: AlSi10Mg, coated
Compact/ultra‐compact: 1.4301 (304)
Degree of protection Standard: IP66/67, type 4X enclosure
Option: IP69
Display/Operation 4‐line backlit display available (no local operation)
Configuration via web browser and operating tools possible
Outputs 4‐20 mA HART (active)
Pulse/frequency/switch output (passive)
Inputs None
Digital communication HART, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET
Power supply DC 20 to 30 V
Hazardous area approvals ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus, INMETRO, EAC
Product safety CE, (C-TICK)
Metrological approvals and certificates Calibration performed on accredited calibration facilities (acc. to ISO/IEC 17025) Heartbeat Verification: Heartbeat Technology complies with requirements for traceable verification according to ISO 9001:2008, chapter 7.6. a (TUV attestation)
Pressure approvals and certificates PED, CRN
Material certificates 3.1 material
Hygienic approvals and certificates 3-A, EHEDG, liner and seals acc. to FDA

    RA33-AA1-AA EH RA33 Batch Controller for flow and control output signals. 1 4-20mA or Pulse Flow input, 1 RTD or 4-20mA Temperature input, 1 4-20mA Density input, 2 digital inputs, 2 open collector and 2 relay outputs. Temperature and density compensation function. I..

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EH Magphant Electromagnetic compact Flowmeter and Limit Switch for repeatable flow monitoring. 0...56'550 m3/h measuring range. DN15 to DN2000 Nominal Diameter. IP66 NEMA 4X Enclosure. Includes 4-20mA and relay outputs. FM and CSA approvals.




EH Proline Promag W 400 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Sensor with corrosion protection and transmitter for Water and Wastewater. 9 dm3/min to 110000 m3/h measuring range. DN 25 Nominal Diameter. IP68. Polycarbonate or aluminum housing. Includes 4-line backlit display, 4-20ma and switch outputs and Integrated data logger. Optional Modbus RS485 communication. cCSAus approval.




EH Proline Promag P 100 Electromagnetic Flowmeter for highest medium temperatures with ultra-compact transmitter. 4 dm3/min to 9600 m3/h measuring range. DN 15 Nominal Diameter. IP66/IP67. Aluminum (AlSi10Mg) housing. 24VDC. PTFE Liner. Includes display, 4-20ma and switch outputs. Optional Modbus RS485 communication. ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus and INMETRO approvals.



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