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EH Liquiphant FTL33 Vibronic Point Vibration Level Switch for liquids in the food sector. Robust stainless steel housing. CIP and SIP cleanability guaranteed. LED indicator. 3-A and EHEDG certificates.

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The Liquiphant FTL33 is a point level switch for universal use in all liquids. It is used preferably in storage tanks, mixing vessels and pipes, where the internal and external hygiene requirements are particularly stringent.

external hygiene requirements are particularly stringent. Ideal for applications in which float switches or conductive, capacitance and optical sensors have been used up to now. The Liquiphant FTL33 also works in areas where these measuring principles are not suitable due to conductivity, buildup, turbulence, flow conditions or air bubbles.

The Liquiphant FTL33 can be used for process temperatures up to:

  • 100 C (212 F), CIP-capable
  • 150 C (302 F), CIP- and SIP-capable
Your benefits
  • 3-A and EHEDG certificates
  • CIP and SIP cleanability guaranteed up to 150 C (302 F) continuous temperature
  • All-metal separation, no plastics in the process
  • Robust stainless steel housing, optionally available with M12x1 connector with IP69 protection (optional)
  • External function test with test magnet
  • Onsite function check possible thanks to LED indication
  • Compact design for easy installation even in confined conditions or hard-to-access areas
Measuring principle

A piezoelectric drive causes the tuning fork of the Liquiphant FTL33 to vibrate at its resonance frequency. When the tuning fork is immersed in a liquid, its intrinsic frequency changes due to the change in density of the surrounding medium. The electronics system in the point level switch monitors the resonance frequency and indicates whether the tuning fork is vibrating in air or is covered by liquid.

A signal is output via the DC-PNP or AC/DC electrical connection.

Measuring system

The measuring system consists of a Liquiphant FTL33 point level switch, e.g. for connection to programmable logic controllers (PLC), a mini-contactor or solenoid valve.

Measuring PrincipleVibration Liquids
Characteristic / ApplicationPoint level switch for liquids in the food sector
Supply / Communication20 ... 253V AC/DC, 2-wire
10 ... 35V DC-PNP, 3-wire
Ambient temperature40 C ... 70 C
(-40 F ... 158 F)
Process temperature-40 C ... 150 C
(-40 F ... 302 F)
Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limitVacuum ... 40 bar
(Vacuum ... 580 psi)
Min. density of medium>0,7g/cm
(>0,5g/cm optional)
Main wetted parts316L
Process connectionThreads:
G1/2, G3/4, G1, MNPT1/2, MNPT3/4, MNPT1, R1/2, R3/4, R1
Process connection hygienicFlush mount by use of weld in adapter
CommunicationAC/DC, DC-PNP
Certificates / ApprovalsCSA C/US
Safety approvalsOverfill prevention WHG
Design approvalsEN 10204-3.1
Hygienic approvals3A, EHEDG
OptionsSwitching delay
Cleaned from oil+grease,
Surface finish measurement
Export Info
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)9026107000

    FTL325P-O1A1 EH Nivotester FTL325P Vibronic Point level switching unit for connection to Liquiphant or Soliphant. DIN-Rail. Intrinsically safe signal circuit. SIL3 safety approval. ATEX, FM and CSA approvals. ..

    FTL375P-F1E1 EH Nivotester FTL375P Vibronic Point level switching unit for connection to Liquiphant or Soliphant. 19" circuit board. Intrinsically safe signal circuit. 20-30VDC. Racksyst 4HP Housing. SIL3 safety approval. ATEX approval. ..

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EH Liquiphant FTL31 Vibronic Point Vibration Level Switch for liquids. Robust stainless steel housing and compact design. Not suitable for hazardous areas. LED indicator. CSA approval.



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