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EH Proline Prosonic Flow 93T Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter for measurement of liquids. Easy data transfer via USB stick. 0 to 452389 m3/h measuring range. DN15 to DN4000 Nominal Diameter. IP40. Includes integrated data-logger, 4-20ma input and 4-line backlit touch control.

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Sensor Set
(1) Sensor Set for EH Prosonic Flow 93T (DN15 to DN65)
Sensor Set
(2) Sensor Set for EH Prosonic Flow 93T (DN50 to DN300)
Sensor Set
(3) Sensor Set for EH Prosonic Flow 93T (DN100 to DN4000)
Sensor Cable
(4) Sensor Cable for EH Prosonic Flow 93T
(5) Approval for EH Prosonic Flow 93T
Operation Language
(6) Operation Language for EH Prosonic Flow 93T

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The sensors are perfectly suited for the non-contact measurement of pure or slightly contaminated liquids, regardless of the pressure or electrical conductivity.

  • Ideal solution for temporary use everywhere precise measurement or verification is required
  • Particularly suitable for retrofitting, monitoring and verifying measuring points
  • Suitable for pipe diameters from DN 15 to 4000 (1⁄2 to 160")
  • Suitable for fluid temperatures ranging from 40 to +170 C (40 to +338 F)
  • Can be used with all metal and plastic pipes lined or unlined and with composite pipes
  • Ideal solution for all applications with soundconducting liquids, e.g. water, wastewater, oils, solvents, acids, hydrocarbons and chemicals
Features and benefits

The Prosonic Flow ultrasonic clamp-on system allows accurate and cost-effective flow measurement from outside the pipe and without the need to interrupt the process. The flow measurement is bidirectional and causes no pressure loss.

  • Easy, safe and menu-guided sensor mounting ensures precise measuring results
  • Easy and safe commissioning via Quick Setup menus
  • Automatic frequency scan for optimized installation and maximum measuring performance
  • Current input for parallel data acquisition or for verifying other devices
  • Current output active or passive
  • Remote configuration and measured value display using Endress+Hauser's FieldCare software
  • Integrated data logger/site manager
  • Easy data transfer via USB stick without additional software
Measuring principle

The measuring system operates on the principle of transit time difference. In this measurement method, acoustic (ultrasonic) signals are transmitted between two sensors. The signals are sent in both directions, i.e. the sensor in question works as both a sound transmitter and a sound receiver.

As the propagation velocity of the waves is less when the waves travel against the direction of flow than along the direction of flow, a transit time difference occurs. This transit time difference is directly proportional to the flow velocity.

The measuring system calculates the volume flow of the fluid from the measured transit time difference and the pipe cross-sectional area. In addition to measuring the transit time difference, the system simultaneously measures the sound velocity of the fluid. This additional measured variable can be used to distinguish different fluids or as a measure of product quality.

The measuring device can be configured onsite to suit the specific application using Quick Setup menus.

Measuring Principle Ultrasonic flow
Product headline Portable volume flow meter for measurement of liquid applications; from outside of the pipe with "Clamp On" sensors
Sensor features Integrated USB data logging
Nominal diameter range DN 15...65
- 1/2"...2 1/2" (-40...+100C or -40...+150 C)
DN 50...300
- 2"...12" -40...+80 C or 0...+170 C)
DN 100...4000
- 4"...160" (-40...+80 C)
Max. measured error +/-2.0 %
Measuring range 0....452'389 m3/h
Max. process pressure No limit
Medium temperature range DN 15...65
DN 50...300
DN 100...4000
Degree of protection IP 40
Display/Operation Four line backlit
touch control
Outputs Integrated data logger/site manager
Easy data transfer via USB stick without additional software
Inputs 4...20mA
Digital communication FXA 193
Export Info
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)9026107000

    RA33-AA1-AA EH RA33 Batch Controller for flow and control output signals. 1 4-20mA or Pulse Flow input, 1 RTD or 4-20mA Temperature input, 1 4-20mA Density input, 2 digital inputs, 2 open collector and 2 relay outputs. Temperature and density compensation function. I ..

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