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EH Flowphant T DTT35 Thermal Flow switch for monitoring in hygienic processes. Process Connections. Compact and cost-saving. 1" to 40" measuring range. DN25 to DN1000 Nominal Diameter. IP66 Enclosure. Includes LCD Display. 1xPNP switchable and 1x4-20mA outputs.

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Electrical Connection
(1) Electrical Connection for EH DTT31 & DTT35
Power Supply & Output
(2) Power Supply & Output for EH DTT31 & DTT35
Process Connection
(3) Process Connection for EH DTT35
Insertion Length
(4) Insertion Length for EH DTT35
Material Certificate
(5) Material Certificate for EH DTT31 & DTT35
(6) Material Certificate for EH DTT31 & DTT35

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Flow switch for monitoring and displaying relative mass flow rates of liquid media in the range from 0.03 to 3 m/s (0.1 to 9.84 ft/s) with process connections for hygienic applications

Application examples:
  • Monitoring cooling water circulation systems of pumps, turbines, compressors and heat exchangers
  • Monitoring pump functionality
  • Leak monitoring in process lines
  • Monitoring lubrication systems
  • Filter monitoring in the beverage industry
Benefits at a glance

This compact flow switch impresses with the latest in technology being used:

  • Practically no pressure loss
  • Configuration software ReadWin 2000 or FieldCare for quick configuration and reliable storage of device settings
  • Optional: 4 to 20 mA analog output to read out the flow rate as percentage value
  • Optional: second switch output or 4 to 20 mA analog output for temperature monitoring
  • Function check and process information onsite thanks to digital display at device
  • Top housing section which can be rotated 310 and rotatable display make it possible to read the measured values in all orientations
  • DTT35: 3-A marked
Measuring principle

The device measures the mass flow of a liquid medium with the calorimetric measurement method. The calorimetric measuring principle is based on cooling a heated temperature sensor. Heat is removed from the sensor by forced convection due to medium flowing by. The extent of this heat transfer depends on the medium velocity and the difference in temperature between the sensor and medium (King's law). The higher the velocity or the mass flow of the medium, the greater the temperature sensor cooling.

Measuring Principle Thermal
Product headline Flow switch for hygenic liquid applications, intelligent / programmable; insertion style
Nominal diameter range DN 25...1000
Max. measured error 2% - 10% (per measurement range)
Measuring range 1"...40"
Max. process pressure 120 bar (1.740 psi)
Medium temperature range -20...+85C
CIP-able to 130C / 266F
Degree of protection IP66
Display/Operation LED

Outputs 1 x PNP switchable output + 1 x 4...20 mA analog output
Export Info
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)9026107000

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EH Flowphant T DTT31 Thermal Flow Switch for monitoring in industrial processes. Thread Connections. Compact and cost-saving. 0.03 to 3 m/s measuring range. DN25 to DN1000 Nominal Diameter. IP66 Enclosure. Includes LCD Display. 1xPNP switchable and 1x4-20mA outputs.



EH Proline Promag D 400 Electromagnetic Flowmeter for water and wastewater applications. 9 to 4700 dm/min measuring range. DN 25 Nominal Diameter. IP66/IP67. Polycarbonat or Aluminum (AlSi10Mg) housing. Includes 0-20mA/4-20ma, pulse, frequency and switch outputs. Optional Modbus RS485 communication. cCSAus approval.



EH Proline Promag W 400 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Sensor with corrosion protection and transmitter for Water and Wastewater. 9 dm3/min to 110000 m3/h measuring range. DN 25 Nominal Diameter. IP68. Polycarbonate or aluminum housing. Includes 4-line backlit display, 4-20ma and switch outputs and Integrated data logger. Optional Modbus RS485 communication. cCSAus approval.



EH Proline Prosonic Flow 93T Ultrasonic Portable Flowmeter for measurement of liquids. Easy data transfer via USB stick. 0 to 452389 m3/h measuring range. DN15 to DN4000 Nominal Diameter. IP40. Includes integrated data-logger, 4-20ma input and 4-line backlit touch control.