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EH Ceraphant PTC31 Absolute and gauge pressure switch with oil-free ceramic sensor for measurement in gases or liquids. 12 to 30V DC. 100mbar to 40bar measuring cell. Threads process connection and Robust Stainless Steel housing. 4-20mA analogue or PNP switch communication.

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Electrical Connection
(1) Electrical Connection for EH PTC31
Power Supply & Output
(2) Power Supply & Output for EH PTC31
Measure Range & Sensor Overload Limit
(3) Measure Range & Sensor Overload Limit for EH PTC31
Calibration & Unit
(4) Calibration & Unit for EH PTC31
Process Connection
(5) Process Connection for EH PTC31
Sensor Seal
(6) Sensor Seal for EH PTC31
Additional Option
(7) Additional Option for EH PTC31

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Pressure switch for monitoring absolute and gauge pressures in gases, vapours, liquids and dust with ceramic process isolating diaphragm;

  • Finely graduated measuring ranges from vacuum to 400 bar (6000 psi)
  • Versions for use in hygienic applications
  • Electronic versions
    • one PNP switch output
    • two PNP switch outputs
    • PNP switch output with additional analog output 4...20 mA (active)
Your benefits

This compact pressure switch impresses with the latest in technology being used:

  • Integrated switching electronics for decentral and economic process monitoring and control
  • Quick and flexible process integration thanks to modular connections
  • High reproducibility and long-term stability
  • Function check and information on site thanks to LEDs and digital display
  • Ceraphire process isolating diaphragm: corrosion proof, abrasion-proof and extremely overload-resistant
  • Excellent accuracy and briefest response time right to the smallest measuring range
  • Operation and visualisation also with personal computer and ReadWin 2000 or FieldCare
  • Upper part of housing can be rotated by 310, therefore best readability of measured values in all orientations
  • DESINA compliant
  • 3A and EHEDG approved
Measuring principle

The process pressure acts on the ceramic process isolating diaphragm and the pressure-dependent change in capacitance of the ceramic sensor is measured. A microprocessor evaluates the signal and switches the output or outputs the corresponding measured value. The ceramic sensor is a dry sensor i.e. no fill fluid is needed for pressure transmission. This means that the sensor can fully support a vacuum. Extremely high durability, on a par with the material Alloy, is achieved through the use of the highly pure material Ceraphire as a ceramic.

Measuring Principle Pressure switch
Characteristic Intelligent pressure switch with ceramic, vacuum tight measuring cell, longterm stable and overload resistant
Supply voltage 12...30VDC
Reference Accuracy 0,5%
Long term stability 0,15% of URL/year
Process temperature -40C...100C
Ambient temperature -40C...85C
Measuring cell 100mbar...40bar
Max. overpressure limit 60bar (900psi)
Process connection Threads
Communication 1x PNP switch
2x PNP switch
1x PNP switch + 4...20mA analogue
Design approvals EN10204-3.1

Specialities Digital display
Robust SS-housing with Ra < 0,8 micron

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