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EH Deltabar PMD75 differential pressure transmitter with metal sensor. 10mbar to 40bar measuring range. 1/4-18NPT process connection. Stainless Steel or Aluminum Housing. ATEX, FM, CSA, CSA C/US and IECEx Approvals.

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(1) Approval for EH Cerabar S PMD75
Output & Operation
(2) Output & Operation for EH Cerabar S PMC71, PMP71 & PMD75
Housing, Cover Sealing & Cable Entry
(3) Housing, Cover Sealing & Cable Entry for EH Deltabar S PMD75
Nominal Range, Cell Material & PN
(4) Nominal Range, Cell Material & PN for EH Cerabar S PMD75
Calibration & Unit
(5) Calibration & Unit for EH PMD75
Membrane Material
(6) Membrane Material for EH PMD75
Process Connection
(7) Process Connection for EH PMD75
(8) Seal for EH PMD75
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The device is used for the following measuring tasks:

  • Flow measurement (volume flow or mass flow) in conjunction with differential pressure sensors in gases, vapors and liquids
  • Level, volume or mass measurements in liquids
  • High process temperatures up to 400 C (752 F) possible with diaphragm seal mount
Your benefits
  • Very good reproducibility and long-term stability
  • High reference accuracy up to 0.035 %
  • Turn down up to 100:1, higher on request
  • Used for flow and differential pressure monitoring up to SIL3, certified to IEC 61508 by TV SD
  • High level of safety during operation thanks to function monitoring from the measuring cell to the electronics
  • The patented TempC membrane for the diaphragm seal reduces measured errors caused by environmental and process temperature influences to a minimum
  • Easy electronic replacement guaranteed with HistoROM/M-DAT
  • Uniform platform for differential pressure, hydrostatics and pressure (Deltabar S Deltapilot S Cerabar S)
  • Practical user navigation for quick and easy commissioning
  • Extensive diagnostic functions
  • Cost-effective installation with Deltabar S FMD77, capillary on low-pressure side
Measuring Principle

The process isolating diaphragms are deflected on both sides by the acting pressures. A filling oil transfers the pressure to a resistance bridge (semiconductor technology). The change in the bridge output voltage, which depends on the differential pressure, is measured and processed

  • Standard operating pressures: 160 bar (2 400 psi) and 420 bar (6 300 psi)
  • High long-term stability
  • Very high single-sided overload resistance

Measuring Principle Differential pressure
Characteristic / Application Digital transmitter with metallic measuring diaphragms
Modular transmitter
Long term stability
High static pressure/Overload resistance
Enhanced safety via self diagnostic functions
Secondary process barrier
Supply / Communication 4...20 mA HART:
10,5...45V DC
Ex ia: 10,5...30V DC
9...32V DC
Accuracy Standard: 0.05%
Platinum: up to 0.035%
Long term stability 0,05% of URL/year
Ambient temperature -40C...85C
Process temperature -40 C...85 C
(-40 F...185 F)
Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit 420bar (6300psi)
Pressure measuring range 10mbar...40bar
(0.15psi...600 psi)
Main wetted parts Alloy C276
Process connection 1/4-18NPT
Max. measurement distance 400m (1.312ft) H2O
Communication 4...20 mA HART
Certificates / Approvals ATEX, FM, CSA, CSA C/US, IEC Ex, TIIS, INMETRO, NEPSI, EAC

Safety approvals Overfill prevention WHG
Design approvals EN 10204-3.1
NACE MR0175, MR0103
Marine approval GL/ ABS
Options HistoROM/M-Dat
4-line digital display
SS- or Aluminiumhousing
Separate housing
Application limits Measuring cell:
Metal welded

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