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Process Control Instruments, Field Devices and Industrial Automation
PRODUCTS & SERVICES is a provider of process control instruments and field devices for Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery, Pipelines, Custody Transfer, Tank Gauging, Waste Processing, Water Treatment Plants, Burner Management Systems and Incinerators, Conveyor Control, Food & Beverage, Motor, Pump & Compressor Control, Wireless Telemetry, Data Logging, Real-Time Process Data to Web.

We are an online distribution channel of genuine manufactured instruments such as

  • Flow Transmitters, Indicators, Sensors and Switches.
  • Pressure Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Level Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Temperature Elements, Switches and Transmitters.
  • Mass Flow Meters.
  • Density Meters.
  • pH/ORP Analyzers.
  • Disolved Oxygen Analyzers.
  • Turbidity Meters.
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EH Oxymax COS22D digital memosens amperometric sensor for the measurement of Oxygen (O2) in hygienic and sterile applications. 0 to 400 hPa (0 to 6 psi) measuring range. Integrated temperature sensor. ATEX, FM and CSA approvals.

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(1) Approval for EH COS22D
(2) Application for EH COS22D
Diameter, Process Connection & Length
(3) Diameter, Process Connection & Length for EH COS22D
Material Shaft Sleeve
(4) Material Shaft Sleeve for EH COS22D
Material O-Ring
(5) Material O-Ring for EH COS22D
Material Processing Sealing
(6) Material Processing Sealing for EH COS22D

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  • Pharmaceutics and biotechnology
    • Process control in enzyme production
    • Control of culture processing
  • Beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Water treatment
    • Boiler feedwater
    • WFI (water for injection)
  • Inertization
  • Residual oxygen measurement in processes
Your benefits
  • Sensor version suitable for pharmaceutical industry:
    • Stainless steel 1.4435 (AISI 316L)
    • Sterilizable and autoclavable
  • Application-specific versions:
    • Sensor for standard applications, e.g. for fermenter control
    • Trace sensor, e.g. for use in the power station sector and for the beverage industry (CO2-compatible sensor)
  • Very versatile:
    • Standard process connection Pg 13.5
    • Installation possible in standard pH assemblies
  • Short response time: t 98 < 60 s
  • Integrated temperature sensor
Other advantages of Memosens technology
  • Maximum process safety thanks to non-contact, inductive signal transmission
  • Data security thanks to digital data transmission
  • Very easy to use as sensor data saved in the sensor
  • Recording of sensor load data in the sensor enables predictive maintenance
Measuring principle

The oxygen molecules that diffuse through the membrane are reduced at the cathode to hydroxide ions (OH-). At the anode, silver is oxidized to silver ions (Ag+) (this forms a silver halide layer). A current flows due to the electron donation at the cathode and the electron acceptance at the anode. Under constant conditions, this flow is proportional to the oxygen content of the medium. This current is converted in the transmitter and indicated on the display as an oxygen concentration in mg/l, μg/l, ppm, ppb or Vol%, as a saturation index in % SAT or as an oxygen partial pressure in hPa.

Measuring Principle Sensor Oxygen
Application Food, Pharma, Fermentation, Process, Power
Installation Standard process connection Pg 13.5
Installation in standard pH assemblies possible
Characteristic Digital sensor for measuring oxygen. Sensor with long-term stability for frequent sterilization and autoclaving.
Sensor for standard applications
CO2 compatible trace sensor for the beverage industry
Trace sensor in the power plant sector

Measurement range 0,001 ... 20 mg/l
0 ... 200 %SAT
0 ... 400 hPa
Measuring principle Amperometric measurement of oxygen.
Design Membrane-covered 2-electrode oxygen sensor with teflon-membrane,
sensor done by stainless steel
Material Sensorbody : stainless steelMembrane : PTFE coated stainless steel net with a silicone coating.
Dimension Diameter : 12mm (0.46inch)shaft length : 120,225,360 and 425mm
(4.68,8.77,14.04 and 16,57inch)
Process temperature -5 - 135C
23 - 275F
Process pressure ambient (1bar) - 12bar
ambient - 174psi
temperature sensor Integrated NTC temperature sensor
Connection Memosens-connection head
Additional Certifications - material certification 3.1
- Surface roughness Ra<0,38

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    CM442-AAM1A1F010A-AA EH Liquiline CM442 1 or 2 channel digital multiparameter (pH, redox, ISFET, conductivity inductive and conductive, dissolved oxygen, nitrate and turbidity) transmitter. 2 Memosens inputs, Up to 4 current and 2 relay outputs. IP66+IP67. NEMA Type 4X enclos..

    CM444-AAM20A0F010BAA-AA EH Liquiline CM444 4 channel digital multiparameter (pH, redox, ISFET, conductivity inductive and conductive, dissolved oxygen, nitrate and turbidity) transmitter. 4 Memosens inputs, up to 8 current and 4 relay outputs. Polycarbonate Housing...

    CM448-AA12A61AABAA-AA EH Liquiline CM448 8 channel digital multiparameter (pH, redox, ISFET, conductivity inductive and conductive, dissolved oxygen, nitrate and turbidity) transmitter. 8 Memosens inputs, up to 8 current and 2 relay outputs. IP67. Polycarbonate Housing...

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EH Oxymax COS51D digital memosens amperometric sensor for the measurment of Oxygen (O2) in water, wastewater and utilities applications. Corrosion and moisture resistant. 0 to 2000 hPa measuring range. Thread NPT 3/4 Head. POM sensor body and membrane cap.



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