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Process Control Instruments, Field Devices and Industrial Automation
PRODUCTS & SERVICES is a provider of process control instruments and field devices for Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery, Pipelines, Custody Transfer, Tank Gauging, Waste Processing, Water Treatment Plants, Burner Management Systems and Incinerators, Conveyor Control, Food & Beverage, Motor, Pump & Compressor Control, Wireless Telemetry, Data Logging, Real-Time Process Data to Web.

We are an online distribution channel of genuine manufactured instruments such as

  • Flow Transmitters, Indicators, Sensors and Switches.
  • Pressure Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Level Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Temperature Elements, Switches and Transmitters.
  • Mass Flow Meters.
  • Density Meters.
  • pH/ORP Analyzers.
  • Disolved Oxygen Analyzers.
  • Turbidity Meters.
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EH Dipfit CPA140 immersion assembly for applications with aggressive media. Includes flange connection and holder with bayonet lock. Accepts up to 3 pH and ORP sensors.

Part# with Options:        CPA140-231A110
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Assembly Material & Solution Ground
(1) Assembly Material & Solution Ground for EH CPA140
Immersion Depth
(2) Immersion Depth for EH CPA140
Process Connection
(3) Process Connection for EH CPA140
(4) Seal for EH CPA140
Cable Entry & Version
(5) Cable Entry & Version for EH CPA140

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Immersion assembly with flange connection for demanding processes. Sensor holder with bayonet lock

Areas of Application
  • pH/Redox measurements in the chemical industry, for example for
    • production of synthetic materials and dyes,
    • production of pesticides and fertilisers;
  • pH/Redox measurements in the petrochemical industry, for example for
    • separation of oil and waste water,
    • treatment of condensates;
  • pH measurements in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, for example for
    • production of soap,
    • production of proteins,
    • lipolysis;
  • pH/Redox measurements in power plants and waste incinerating plants, for example for
    • monitoring of cooling water,
    • scrubbing of exhaust gases;
  • pH/Redox measurements in extractive metallurgy and metal processing
Your benefits
  • Simple installation and removal of the electrode holder due to the bayonet mounting method
  • Good sealing, even in media containing solid particles, due to the bayonet mounting method
  • Suitable for use at high pressures and temperatures (up to 10 bar and max. 150 C)
  • Immersion length from 500 to 2500 mm
  • Integrated potential matching pin made of Hastelloy C4 or tantalum
  • Reduced condensation due to an active-breathing Goretex  filter
  • Three mounting positions for pH, Redox and temperature sensors plus a cleaning head
  • Spray and ultrasonic cleaning can be retrofitted easily
  • Flexible connection to the process by means of various flanges (DIN, ANSI, JIS)

Measuring Principle Sensor ORP / Redox
Application Process
Installation Immersion assembly
Characteristic Closed tank
Design - bayonet technology- 3 electrode installation locations- 120mm electrodes- Integrated spray cleaning CPR31
Material Holder : PVDF or stainless steel.Sealing : different materials available
Dimension Immersion deepth : 500 - 2500mm. Special length on request.
Process temperature max. 150C
Process pressure max. 10bar
Connection Pressurized flange DN80/PN16, ASME 3" lbs150, JIS 10K80A
Additional Certifications - Material certification 3.1B EN 10204

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> PH & ORP ANALIZERS > ASSEMBLY :    12 Items found.
CPA640-G311 (129) ENDRESS+HAUSER  CPA640-G311

EH Ecofit CPA640 Universal compact assembly for installation of 120 mm water management sensors. PVDF or stainless steel 316L. Up to 10 bar pressure. NPT 1/2, 3/4" & 1" Process Connection.



CPA250-A00 (285) ENDRESS+HAUSER  CPA250-A00

EH Flowfit CPA250 Universal Flow assembly for the water and wastewater industry. Pipe installation. Accepts up to 3 pH and ORP sensors. NPT 1 Process Connection.



CPA510-0110 (282) ENDRESS+HAUSER  CPA510-0110

EH DipFit CPA510 immersion assembly for DN50 adapters. Includes bayonet lock-mounted electrode holder. Accepts pH and ORP sensors.



CPA111-00A (284) ENDRESS+HAUSER  CPA111-00A

EH Dipfit CPA111 Universal Immersion assembly for the applications in open and closed tanks. DN100 flange connection. Accepts up to 3 pH and ORP sensors.



CPA240-23AA110 (286) ENDRESS+HAUSER  CPA240-23AA110

EH Flowfit CPA240 Durable Flow assembly for all applications with high temperatures and pressures. Pipe installation. Accepts up to 3 pH and ORP sensors. DN25 or NPT 1/2 Process Connection.



CPA450-0B110 (281) ENDRESS+HAUSER  CPA450-0B110

EH Cleanfit CPA450 Manual retractable assembly for water & wastewater, chemical, pulp & paper and power industries. Accepts 12mm DO, pH and ORP sensors. DN32 Process Connection.




EH Cleanfit CPA451 Manual retractable assembly for water, wastewater and process media. Accepts pH and ORP sensors (CPF81/82). NPT 3/4" Sensor Connection. DN50 Process Connection.




EH Cleanfit CPA474 Manual or automatic process retractable assembly with ball valve for chemical and industrial wastewater applications. Accepts pH and ORP electrodes. DN50 Process Connection.




EH Cleanfit CPA875 Manual or automatic process retractable assembly for sterile and hygienic applications. Accepts standard (12mm) pH, ORP, oxygen and NIR sensors. DN25/50/65/100 Process Connection.




EH Cleanfit CPA871 Manual or automatic process retractable compact assembly for the water, wastewater and chemical industries. Suitable for vessels and pipes. Accepts standard 12mm pH and ORP sensors. NPT 1 1/2 or DN40/50/80 Process Connection.




EH Cleanfit CPA473 Manual or automatic process retractable assembly with ball valve for chemical and industrial wastewater applications. Accepts pH and ORP electrodes. DN50/65 Process Connection.




EH Cleanfit CPA472D Manual or automatic process retractable heavy-duty assembly for chemical and power industries. Accepts pH and ORP electrodes. DN50/80 Process Connection.



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