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EH Omnigrad TST602 RTD thermometer for temperature measurement of pipe surfaces or container walls. Connection cable, radius or flat mounting block. PT100 Temperature Sensor.

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Mounting Version
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RTD Class & Wiring
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WIre, Sheat and Application
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Surface thermometer suitable for application measurement on flat surfaces or pipes
Connection cable, radius or flat mounting block


TST602 RTD thermometer consists of a radius or flat mounting block in aluminium including a built-in RTD, matched to a connection cable. The sensing element includes a single Pt100, in fiberglass insulated cable, having accuracy class A or B, with 3 or 4 wires. The connection cable, with free end wires and PVC or PTFE insulated, can be selected from a wide choice of standard lengths for any application up to 70C or 180C. It is supplied with free end wires.


TST602 RTD thermometer is a general purpose thermometer for surface measurements. It is suitable for application on flat surfaces or pipes and is specially designed for climatisation and general application in building automation and heat exchangers.

Measuring Principle Resistance Temperature Detector
Characteristic / Application metric style
cable probe
suitable for high process pressures
surface mounting
Thermowell / protection tube without (not intended to use with thermowell)
Insert / probe Not defined
Max. immersion length on request up to 10.000,00 mm (393,70'')
Process connection surface mounting
Operating temperature range PT 100:
-20 C ...180 C
(-4 F ...356 F)
Max. process pressure (static) at 20 C: 500 bar (7.252 psi)
Accuracy class A acc. to IEC 60751
class B acc. to IEC 60751
Response time depending on configuration
Export Info
Made inItaly

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