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EH Omnigrad TST343 RTD thermometer for indoor or outdoor ambient temperature measurement. High accuracy. Wall mounting. PT100 Temperature sensor. SIL Certified.

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Electrical Connection
(1) Electrical Connection for EH TST434
RTD Class & Wiring
(2) RTD Class & Wiring for EH TST434
Head & Cable Entry
(3) Head & Cable Entry for EH TST434
Head Transmitter & Range
(4) Head Transmitter & Range for EH TST434

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Resistance thermometer for indoor or outdoor ambient temperature measurement

Reliable measurement and high accuracy - Best protection of the measuring electronics from extreme ambient conditions. Applicable for wall mounting.

  • Indoor or outdoor ambient temperature measurement
  • Maximum measuring range: 50 to +100 C (58 to +212 F)
  • Degree of protection: IP66/68 (NEMA Type 4x encl.)
Head transmitter

All Endress+Hauser transmitters are available with enhanced accuracy and reliability compared to directly wired sensors. Easy customizing by choosing one of the following outputs and communication protocols:

  • Analog output 4 to 20 mA
  • HART
Your benefits
  • Robust terminal heads according to DIN EN 50446 or stable plastic housings offer optimal protection from extreme ambient conditions
  • Reliable, long term stable and accurate indoor or outdoor ambient temperature measurement
  • Simple and fast wall mounting
Measuring principle

These resistance thermometers use a Pt100 temperature sensor according to IEC 60751. The temperature sensor is a temperature-sensitive platinum resistor with a resistance of 100 Ω at 0 C (32 F) and a temperature coefficient α = 0.003851 C -1 .

There are generally two different kinds of platinum resistance thermometers:

Wire wound (WW): Here, a double coil of fine, high-purity platinum wire is located in a ceramic support. This is then sealed top and bottom with a ceramic protective layer. Such resistance thermometers not only facilitate very reproducible measurements but also offer good long-term stability of the resistance/temperature characteristic within temperature ranges up to 600 C (1 112 F). This type of sensor is relatively large in size and it is comparatively sensitive to vibrations.

Thin film platinum resistance thermometers (TF): A very thin, ultrapure platinum layer, approx. 1 μm thick, is vaporized in a vacuum on a ceramic substrate and then structured photolithographically. The platinum conductor paths formed in this way create the measuring resistance. Additional covering and passivation layers are applied and reliably protect the thin platinum layer from contamination and oxidation, even at high temperatures.

The primary advantages of thin film temperature sensors over wire wound versions are their smaller sizes and better vibration resistance. A relatively low principle-based deviation of the resistance/ temperature characteristic from the standard characteristic of IEC 60751 can frequently be observed among TF sensors at high temperatures. As a result, the tight limit values of tolerance category A as per IEC 60751 can only be observed with TF sensors at temperatures up to approx. 300 C (572 F). For this reason, thin-film sensors are generally only used for temperature measurements in ranges below 400 C (752 F).

Measuring Principle Resistance Temperature Detector
Characteristic / Application metric style
probe for ambient temperature measurement
without neck
Terminal head TA20A - aluminium - cover with screws
TA30 - PCB - square housing
TA30A - E+H, aluminium - cover low - w. or w/o. display
TA30D - E+H, aluminium - cover high
Thermowell / protection tube without (not intended to use with thermowell)
Outer diameter protection tube 20,0 mm (0,79'')
Material protection tube/ thermowell Aluminium
Operating temperature range PT 100:
-30 C ...100 C
(-22 F ...212 F)
Max. process pressure (static) at 20 C: 1 bar (15 psi)
Accuracy class A acc. to IEC 60751
class B acc. to IEC 60751
Integration head transmitter yes (4 20 mA; HART; PROFIBUS PA; FOUNDATION FIELDBUS)
Certification SIL (transmitter only)
Export Info
Made inItaly

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