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EH Conducal CLY421 conductivity calibration tool for ultrapure water applications. Includes case with battery-powered Liquiline transmitter.0.04ÁS/cm to 20ÁS/cm measurement range. CLS15D Sensor included. IP67.

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Certified for comparison measurement in ultrapure water up to 20 μS/cm


Ultrapure water is used in sensitive areas of the pharmaceutical and food industries and in process engineering. Calibration of process conductivity measurement is obligatory for these applications.

Since calibration solutions with very low conductivity are unstable, there is no standardization for conductivities below 74 μS/cm.

Conducal is a reference unit that permits the calibration of process measuring devices by means of a certified comparison measurement.

Areas of application
  • Calibration of quality-relevant process measurements in the ultrapure water range up to 20 μS/cm
  • Checking of in-line measurements in the process, e.g. after inspections or interruptions in operation
  • Checking of conductivity measuring equipment primarily in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Checking and calibration for product quality assurance, e.g. in semiconductor production
Your benefits
  • Factory calibration traceable to SRM by NIST and DAkkS
  • Factory calibration of Conducal system according to ASTM D-5391-93
  • Flow assembly with adjusting and monitoring functions according to ASTM D-5391
  • Flexible applicable in the field thanks to:
    • battery-driven system (independent of power network)
    • robust case IP67 with external power connection

Measuring principle



Calibration of conductivity measuring loops in ultra-pure water applications in the pharmaindustry; calibration of quality-relevant process measurements in the ultra-pure water range up to 20ÁS/cm


factory calibrated measuring case with certificate for comparison measurement in ultra-pure water up to 20ÁS/cm

Measurement range

0,04ÁS/cm - 20ÁS/cm

Measuring principle

conductiv conductivity measurement


compact case includes factory calibrated conductivity loop and flow-through assembly


case : injection molded high performance resin

Conductivity sensor CLS15D: SS 316 L, PES-GF20

flow-through assembly: PVDF


20.9" x 17.4" x 8.5"

Process temperature

0.. 100C
32 .. 210F

Process pressure

87 psi

Ingres protection

IP67 at closed case without power cord

Additional certifications

factory calibration certificate according ASTM 5391-93, traceable to SRM from NIST and DaakS

Export Info
Made inGermany

    CLS15D-A1A1 EH Condumax CLS15D 2-electrode Digital conductive conductivity sensor for applications in pure and ultrapure water. Memosens technology. 1/2"NPT or 3/4" NPT Process Connection. IP68. ATEX, FM and CSA Approvals. ..

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