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EH CUY52 Solid State Smart verification tool for Turbimax CUS52D turbidity sensor. Liquid-free.

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Calibration set for turbidity sensor CUS52D


Easy and safe validation, calibration and adjustment of the turbidity sensors CUS52D.
Field application or application preparation:
The calibration set CUY52 allows quick and safe validation of the sensors and facilitates adaption to the real measuring point by creating reproducible ambient conditions (vessels with very low backscattering, shadowing of interfering light sources, etc.)

Your benefits
  • Easy, safe and quick validation of the CUS52D sensors with solid state reference.
  • Easy, safe and reproducible comparison measurements with calibration vessels almost free of backscattering

Measuring principle

Single beam scattered light


verificaton tool for CUS52D, calibration
vessels with extrem low backscattering


For verification resp.calibration/adjustemet
purpose only

Process temperature


Process pressure

1bar (ambient)

Export Info
Made inGermany

    CUS52D-AA1AA2 EH Turbimax CUS52D Hygienic Memosens Immersion Smart sensor for low and medium turbidity measurement in water. Self-cleaning functionality. 0 to 4000FNUY/NTU measurement range. Stainless steel sensor. G1 and NPT3/4 connection. IP68. ..

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EH Conducal CLY421 conductivity calibration tool for ultrapure water applications. Includes case with battery-powered Liquiline transmitter.0.04ÁS/cm to 20ÁS/cm measurement range. CLS15D Sensor included. IP67.